10 Best Mehendi Design Ideas For This Festive Season

Mehendi is considered to be very auspicious in Indian Culture. Every Indian woman applies Mehendi on special events or festivals. This has been followed from generation to generation. There are many reasons behind this, one of the reasons is, it helps in lower down your stress level.

Since, all the festivals are lined up together starting from Navratri, Durga puja to Diwali. Everyone is excited with their outfits, jewellery and another thing is the mehendi design which that will be on high demand. Since in between this festival karwa chauth is also coming soon, every married woman applies mehendi on their hands as it is a part of their “solah shinghar”.

And we can say that these festivals are incomplete without mehendi so, here are some amazing mehendi designs that we curated for you.

Beautiful Curve Mehendi Designs #1

This Mehendi design looks elegant and simple. Pick one design with thicker consistency to elevate the style even more.

Simple Mehndi Designs

Hand Jewelry Mehendi Design #2

This design is inspired by hand jewellery. It combines is floral, leafy and dotted details to give it a bracelet look. This design is best for someone who has long fingers.

Mehendi design Image

Arabic Mehendi Designs #3

Arabic Mehendi Designs are very popular nowadays as many women prefers this kind of designs of some special occasion.

Arabic Mehendi Designs

Floral Mehendi Designs #4

Heavy Floral designs are mostly applied in big events like weddings where you need to apply heavy mehndi designs on your hands and feet accordingly to your wish.

Heavy Mehendi Design

Tribal Mehendi Designs #5

Tribal Mehendi Designs are inspired by age-old warriors. This look very different and unique design for mehendi.

Tribal Mehndi Designs

Minimalistic Mehendi Designs #6

This Minimalistic mehndi design looks very pretty with an engagement ring. This is best for those women who want to avoid heavy mehndi designs.

Mehendi Designs

Circular Strokes Mehndi Designs #7

Mehndi design image

Mehendi Designs #8

Bridal mehendi Design

Diagonal mehendi Designs #9

This type of design is mostly drawn at the back of the hands and also looks neat and beautiful.

Mehendi designs

Jaali Mehendi Designs #10

The Jaali design is a net-like structure which looks pretty if it’s drawn by an expert mehendi artist.

Modern Mehendi designs

So, these are few mehndi designs images that we have shown you. Hope you liked it and it helped you out to save the best one but in case if you still want to explore some more designs then you can head over to HappyShappy website where we have saved dozen of mehndi design images that are trending on their app. So go and check it out!

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