10 Budget-Friendly Home Decor Ideas For Your Rental Room

Recently I shifted to a new place and I was worried about all the expenses I had to bear to set up a whole new home in a new city. It gets tough to get a flat so easily like you dream of but not to worry about it because it’s not that tough though. I’m glad I had a friend over here who helped me out to get a flat and all the required items that I needed.

I know it’s not easy to shift in a new place and get all the things you want as nowadays there’s a lot of expenses in everything. So I thought I should share with you, how I decorated my home with some cute simple decor and also create beautiful corners for making video and clicking pictures for Instagram 😛

So Here are some amazing home decor ideas that might help you out to give a new makeover of your flat/pg :

Bohemian Home Decor

This bohemian home decor is something which stands out. What you can do is if you are inspired with this decor image then start collecting small quirky thing which you think will be perfect for a bohemian corner in your house.

Vintage Home Decor

This is one corner that you can set up with a large mirror, fairy lights and indoor plants

Indoor Plants

Adding indoor plants in your room is not a bad idea, it helps in purifying the air plus it looks beautiful if you decorate them with fairy lights. If you have a cosy bedroom space you can even place some artificial plants with the flower they give a beautiful decor look. You can even play with colours according to your wall decor or wall paints.

Vintage Wall Decor

How about some DIY for home decor? As you can get the ideas of doing easy home decor DIYs like these super cool vintage wall hangings which super easy to make and it looks amazing. It seems like you have to spend a lot to decorate this wall but all you can do this create quick dIY and decorate it the way you that. It’s also budget-friendly.

DIY Mason Jar

You know what, recycling some trash cans turns out to be the cutest decor in your home like these pretty mason jar is used as a flower jar and to store some stationery items. Isn’t it looking beautiful? you must try it out.

Quirky Decor Items

This image has all the quirky items which are giving a cool vibe like the wooden ladder is covered with banjara shawl. You can add a chair which has a cool design and pairs it up with fur shawl and some pop-up colour cushions. Bright colors will just change the whole look.

Creative DIY

Another very cool DIY which can be created with very less effort. All we need to do is to collect some really cool images related to anything you like or a mixture of everything. You can just collect them and make a collage and get a quirky mirror and you’re done with your cool wall decor.

Neon Collective

This is so trending nowadays. It looks amazing, you can just put it above your bed. It can customise it by any name, it can your favourite song, childhood name or quote you want to write. You can order this online or get it offline if you know any shop who sells it. It’s one of the trendy items for your home decor.

Colourful cushions & shawls

Life isn’t bad If you add some colors to it. Try some contrasting pop-up coloured cushions with plain bed-sheets to add up light to your whole bedroom decor. And you can even throw out a bright coloured or multi-coloured shawl on the bed and it looks amazing.

Fancy light decor

Aren’t this so pretty? I’m sure everybody loves to bring some lights to their life but this fancy lights will just light up your home and it will look beautiful if you place it near your bed or anywhere you wish to.

fancy lights for home decoration on this diwali

So, this was a list of items that helped me to set up my whole new home and even thanks to my friend as he suggested me a website called Happyshappy from which I got all the budget friendly home decor ideas. You can also have a look at their website If you want some more ideas for it.

Thanks for reading this blog. Have a great time 🙂

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